About Seattle TMS Treatment Frequency & Timeframes

TMS treatment timeframe in SeattleTMS treatment may provide natural relief if you have been diagnosed with depression. In any case, a physician will need to diagnose you and provide a long-term treatment plan that’s unique to you. After all, everyone responds to treatment differently and in varying degrees. One important aspect to keep in mind is the TMS treatment timeframe. It’s helpful to understand how often you’ll need treatment and know the intervals between visits.

Total Number of Treatment Sessions

The exact number of treatment sessions varies depending on the severity of your depression symptoms. However, for the average patient, this will range between 20 and 30 visits. The typical patient schedules around five treatments per week. Whatever the case, the clinic will work with you to formulate a schedule that meets your needs.

Treatment Period

The total treatment period will last five to six weeks for the average patient. This time period can be shortened if you can squeeze more sessions into your weekly calendar. Conversely, it can be prolonged if you have multiple weekly commitments.

Session Length

Fortunately, you don’t have to set an entire day aside for your typical treatment session. The average TMS therapy session lasts about 20 to 40 minutes. Of course, you should show up to your appointment 15 minutes earlier and expect to wait for a bit, so be sure to factor in those variables.

We’ll Determine Your TMS Treatment Timeframe in Seattle

Contact NeuroStim today to schedule an initial evaluation and consultation. If you agree to treatment, this is where our clinical team will work with you to determine an ideal TMS treatment timeframe that fits your schedule. We understand that no two individuals are the same and will cater to each patient’s needs accordingly based on their medical history and schedule.

 TMS Treatment Timeframe and Scheduling in Seattle

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