Overview & Mission

About Us

NeuroStim is a leading provider of TMS treatment services in the Pacific Northwest. Our independent, state-of-the-art TMS Centers are dedicated to offering all mental health professionals, referring medical doctors and their patients one of the most advanced options for treating Major Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression, anxiety disorders including OCD, PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder and other mood disorders. Under the supervision of our Medical Directors, our TMS Specialists provide a safe, non-invasive and effective outpatient procedure that has helped thousands of patients who have not responded well to drug therapy.

NeuroStim TMS Team Photo

Our Mission

The mission of NeuroStim is to restore hope and improve people’s lives by pioneering the latest cutting-edge treatments for people suffering from clinical depression and similar debilitating disorders. We provide compassionate care and excellence in treatment, always putting the needs of our patients first. We subscribe to the highest standards of clinical care, ethics and respect. With dedicated TMS technicians, experts in case management, and practitioners who are regional and national leaders in the field, we offer patients the highest level of TMS treatment services possible.

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