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This company is so professional- from the initial phone call, all the way through the seven weeks! I’m so glad I stuck with the treatments because it’s made a huge difference in my mental outlook on life. I’m now reducing my medication which after 30 years, feels amazing. I didn’t think I’d ever get off the meds, but I feel so good now and it’s time. I was so skeptical TMS would work, but now I tell everyone how great it is! I’m so glad you advertised on my radio station or I wouldn’t have heard about you!
We were recommended to NeuroStim TMS in Olympia/Lacey by my son. He had gone through treatments and is a new man. My daughter is 28 years old and has been living a life of desperation for 10 years. On his recommendation, I knew we had to at least try this with my daughter. We had done everything. from acupuncture to medication. It was always the same result. With continued trouble processing difficult situations, managing anger and a shocking lack of zeal for life, she embarked on a series of treatments at NeuroStim which lasted approximately 8 days. When she returned home, we noticed an immediate change. The anger had lifted. She was moving the weekend she came home and normally doesn’t process BIG life changes well. This time, decision-making and prioritizing options seemed to come easy. No breakdowns. No meltdowns. We knew something was different.It’s now been 2 months since her treatment and things have only gotten better. She’s able to think through and quite cognitively process situations that would have kept her in bed for days on end. For anyone who has been battling depression, anxiety, headaches, bipolar and more, I can tell you there is hope. My daughter is looking forward to the future. She’s seeing life through a new lens. She is happy for the first time in years.I’m writing this review because I’m so grateful for the staff at NeuroStim TMS in Olympia: Maddie, Alex, Jess, Titiana, Chris and others who GAVE US OUR DAUGHTER BACK. Thank you. My husband and I are forever grateful.
NeuroStim TMS has changed my life! I am a recently retired combat veteran who has suffered with depression my whole life and the transition out of the military did not help. Medications only partially helped but TMS has brought me out of depression for the first time in my life. The office was calming and the doctor was compassionate, kind and answered all of my questions about the treatment in detail. The clinic staff were all professional and were always happy to help throughout the treatment course. I have never felt this way in my life and am so grateful that I found NeuroStim!!
NeuroStim TMS changed our lives as a family. My son had wrestled with depression and suicidal ideation throughout his high school and college years. We had tried various medications, therapies and doctors, but his mental torment continued. He was 21 when we turned to TMS therapy. After just 3 months of therapy sessions, he was a changed person: calm, better able to cope with life, no outbursts. He's no longer plagued by thoughts of self-harm. He's now 23 years old. This month, he was able to get up on the roof of my house with me and help me clean the downspouts. This was a significant achievement. He told me that before TMS therapy, he wouldn't have dared climb onto the roof, for fear of the voice in his head, telling him to jump. That fear and that inner voice have vanished. He is a happier, more stable person. If you have a family member who's suffering with similar mental issues, I highly recommend contacting NeuroStim TMS Seattle. They were a lifesaver for my son.
I have suffered all of my adult life with depression, and have tried a wide variety of methods and medications aimed at controlling my depression over the years, but with limited success. I would begin to feel good, then plateau, then sink slowly back down. Raising the medication levels would help for awhile, but then the same thing again. And there were side effects from all of them, some of them intolerable. TMS seemed like a dream treatment but there were always roadblocks with insurance coverage and distance to clinics, as well as the time commitment for a busy mom with a thousand errands, sports, and orthodontist appointments to get to. Finally it all came together when I found the Kitsap location and they told me my Federal Employee Program insurance would cover the treatment! I made an appointment immediately, and am so glad I did. Dr. Chris and the gals in the office made the whole process as stress free as possible, and answered all my questions about the safety and efficacy of the treatment. About 10 days in I began to feel a definite difference, and by the end of my 36 treatments, I felt huge improvement! I am very happy with the treatment and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better!
Absolutely life changing! My depression score was a 27/30 at the beginning of treatment and it is as of today a 4/30. I’m starting to believe I deserve happiness for the first time in my life.

Update 12/8
So I have since gone through some bouts of depression, and for a while I was thinking that it didn’t work. However, in hindsight I think it has continued to be effective. I feel like my cognitive processes have been altered so that they don’t reinforce the depression nearly as much. My self deprecating spirals happen less often and are almost always less severe than prior to TMS. The long term benefits are more subtle but they make a huge difference.
This treatment has saved my life! Its taken me from 55 years of darkness into the light. I finally no longer long for death. Spent a lifetime being self destructive. I went through many years of meds and talk therapy. Compared to TMS that was like trying to get to Hawaii on a bicycle when I really needed an airplane.TMS turns out to be my airplane! I think differently. I am no longer crushed by the weight of anxiety and worry over what I Cant control. I can differentiate a negative thought from a realistic thought. I can dismiss the negative as a waste of time. Ive been able to release many years of anger and hurt that kept me crippled.The staff are amazing! Alex is charming and has nice hair. His knowledge is very informative. He's always fun. Maddie is so great. She s really heaped guide me through the process. Becca worked hard with my insurance to get me in.Dr. Chris. What can I say about dr. Chris? He's just the best! Smart, witty and caring.GO! IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
TMS Lakewood absolutely changed & saved my life. I have tried a ridiculous amount of different treatments and therapies since I was 9 and absolutely nothing has helped, fighting myself to stay alive. I was nervous about this treatment but man I’m so glad I did it. The treatment itself is an uncomfortable feeling, I recommend taking an ibuprofen or something like that to make it more tolerable. I have been helped by Riley, Adam, Marissa, Whitney and Tracy and they have all been incredibly nice and made my entire experience so pleasant. Thank you!
I can't say enough great things about TMS therapy and my experience at Neurostim TMS! I had given up hope that I would ever experience relief from my depression and was truly at my lowest when I happened upon a random advertisement for this treatment. My outlook on life has massively shifted since then and I can FEEL a massive difference! For the first time since I can remember, I am no longer depressed and am hopeful for the future! I am starting a new career and never would have dared to do so before TMS. The staff is amazing and I'm going to miss seeing them and hearing their encouragement. If you have treatment resistant depression like I did, you owe it to yourself to give TMS treatment a try! Thank you Neurostim!
I was having a hard time dealing with my depression and anxiety. Had been on more medications than I can count since getting diagnosed. Was put on more medication at higher doeses to the point that I was taking about 6 different medications daily, multiple doeses a day just to be able to go to get out of bed. I felt empty, like there was no point to life. Get up take your meds, don't feel any better, rinse and repeat. I was in therapy multiple times over the years, and nothing seemed to be helping. I was having days (most of them) that getting out of bed was either a struggle or completely impossible. On recommendation from my therapist I looked into TMS. I spent weeks pouring over reviews and testimonials for all of the treatment centers in my general area, talked with my doctor and psychologist about it being a possibility and made my first appointment for a consult. I was terrified that this was just going to be another treatment that wasn't going to work. The amout of commitment needed for treatment seemed overwhelming. If I couldn't get up for work, how was I supposed to make it to an appointment 5 days a week? But I tried, even when I felt that there was no hope, even when I didn't see immediate improvement. By three weeks in I was noticing the little things that were changing. I started making plans with those I love again, not big plans but plans none the less. I was having good days, not just days I survived exhausted, days I felt had meaning days I felt alive. It started slow for me, people were commenting on how I had smiled and they hadn't seen me do that in a while. I looked forward to the interactions I had while I was there, the staff were amazing. I am almost 8 months post treatment, and things that would have broke me before didn't seem as bad. I lost my grandma a few months after treatment and was afraid that I was going to fall back into my depression, but I greived. I didn't get stuck. I still have bad days, situational bad days. I don't live the same life anymore, I can find the good in a bad day. I don't come home crying and exhausted every day. I didn't realize how I was existing before, because I was only existing. I get to live now, and that is something I will always be thankful for. They follow up after treatment to make sure that everything is going okay and to see how you are doing. Huge shout out to the team at the Lakewood center for being the absolute best. They worked with me through every step of the way and I wouldn't be living my life how I am without them.
From the moment I walked in the door, I knew it was the place I was supposed to be! The whole staff was so kind and treated me well every single day!!! After not being treated so well in life... It was so strange to me to be treated with respect that I have longed for. They were able to pick me up and give me hope for healing. At first I wasn't sure how the treatments would help me because I was so lost and unhappy and alone. But going through the treatments I felt better each time I went so I kept going on my scheduled appointments. Today was my last day and I am so happy and I feel so much relief, not only from the treatments but the staff members made me feel like they were family!!! I'm blessed to have come across NeuroStim TMS in Bellevue!!! I wish I could go back and thank them everyday. But with All the amazing changes in my life... It's a chapter to be cherished! Thank you all for being so understanding through my process of healing! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
I have been suffering with mental illnesses for nearly two decades. I have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Major Depression Disorder, and anxiety. But things got unbearable after I gave birth to my daughter seven years ago. In fact, early on, things were so severe that I considered suicide a couple of times. I lost jobs, put my marriage under strain, had difficulty being a mom, and added on weight, to name a few negative impacts. My positive, goofy, and hardworking spirit was nearly extinguished. I was a shell of a person.

Of course, I had enough sense to seek treatment right away. I was blessed to have found THE best psychologist (Cary Hamilton, Olympia Therapy) and have had tremendous growth. But even with all the great insights, healing, and tools I gained, my depression never eased up. The root of my issues was clearly physically driven. So, I got a psychiatrist who put me on all sorts of anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. They helped initially but I kept having to increase doses and add on more things. Last year, I was so heavily medicated that I felt like a zombie and I had enough. I went off everything (with approval from my doctors) to see if my body would reset itself naturally. Things were good for about two months, then I was back in the thick of it all.

I was fed up with wasting my precious time, energy, and relationships. I was determined to take a different and more aggressive treatment route. So, I started researching things I had not tried before. Then, by the grace of God, I suddenly started hearing radio spots and seeing advertisements on Facebook about TMS. I had no idea what it was all about, but I was game. Little did I know that things were going to finally get better.

I began my journey with NeuroStim Olympia the beginning of October. I first spoke with office coordinator Becca to explore if I was eligible for TMS. I shared story and she checked whether my insurance (Regence) would cover expenses. Things checked out, so she immediately set me up with a video appointment to be assessed by their psychiatric nurse practitioner Boyd. He asked me lots of questions about my history and I did not hold back any information or emotions! By the end of our conversation, he confirmed that I was a good candidate for the treatment.

I got back in contact with Becca to setup my intake and treatment appointments and to discuss payment. I learned that while my insurance would cover a good portion of the expenses, I was still expected to pay a large amount out of pocket because TMS is very expensive. I was devastated when I heard this news because my family had eaten through most of our savings since I had been unable to work. There was no way I could make the payment she initially quoted.

However, Becca compassionately listened to my financial predicament and re-assured me she would help find a way for me to get the treatment there. She said that NeuroStim offered a handful of grants every year to patients who qualify. She said based on my situation, I had a good shot at being given one. I applied right away and was given the grant! The grant covered 50% of my expenses and she set me up with a manageable payment plan for the rest.

My first day of TMS was extremely overwhelming. I was in the middle of a depressive episode and had put a lot of pressure on what the treatment could do for me. I cried the whole time while my skull was being measured and tested for magnetic strength requirements. I was so weary from my mental struggles, yet the treatment gave me a glimmer of hope, which I hadn’t felt for a long time. I needed it to work so I could be who I was supposed to be. I came in with an open heart.

But on the other hand, I was also very hesitant and skeptical. Every time I explained what I was doing to someone, they looked at me like I was describing some sort of odd crystal/energy cleansing thing. I tried my best to explain the science behind TMS but I always had to chuckle in agreement with them that it sounded really weird.

When I got into the treatment chair, my technician Maddie adjusted the back and leg rests in a position that I preferred. She put an inflatable support cushion around my neck so I would remain still. Then I had to wear the “fashionable” measurement cotton cap created during my intake appointment. The cap ensures the powerful magnet is positioned in the correct spots.

Then, with a count of 1, 2, 3, it was go-time. I had the choice to start either on the hard/left or easy/right side of my brain. At this clinic, the magnetic pulses are done differently for each hemisphere of the brain. The right side is done with a lighter magnetic strength and is administered once per second for approximately 15 minutes. It felt like someone was whacking me hard with the tip of a pencil, which was quite annoying. However, the left side is set at a significantly higher strength and administered faster for about 3 minutes. For this side, though there is no electricity involved, my forehead and eye contracted like I was getting shocked. Even though the strength and length were different on each side, it was explained to me that my overall brain was still getting the same amount of treatment.

At first, TMS was unpleasant and the time crept slowly, making it feel a bit torturous. But after about two weeks, I got used to the sensations (even when they periodically upped my strength) and it was no longer of concern.

Also, one of the great things about the treatment is my technician distracted me with meaningful conversation. And if I had a headache that day, which can happen with TMS, she temporarily adjusted the strength, cut the time short, and/or eased me into full strength so I would be more comfortable.

Every Thursday, I had to complete a short survey describing my general disposition for the past two weeks. I did not particularly like these because I believe each day should be measured individually as there is always context and other factors behind our moods that should be considered. Specific data, to me, is more valuable. But the survey had its place in the process and does give an indicator of what progress is being made. To satisfy my own needs, however, I downloaded an app (Daylio) to capture and analyze my own data.

While the treatment is straightforward and quick, the catch is it must be done solid for approximately 6 weeks, EVERY DAY except weekends and holidays. Then you ease off of it for a couple of weeks. Going in every day gets very old, very quick. I went from mid-October to mid-December. Aside from the benefits I received from TMS, the thing that made it worthwhile was I was forcing myself to get dressed and outside, which is difficult to do when you are depressed. Though the technicians are not psychologists, getting to talk to someone neutral about anything outside of family and friends was also very nice.

The first three weeks, I did not notice anything different with my mental health. Then I had my first really good week. I was deeply connecting and being playful with my daughter and tackling house projects I had avoided for years. I perplexed myself by cooking every day and even lost weight. I will admit, I had mixed feelings about this period. I was excited to see progress, but I also didn’t trust it or necessarily attribute it to TMS. I felt like the world was teasing me, that there must be other fluke reasons, and that things would be horrible like before. But then I had another good week and another and another. I was feeling more stable and awake, like I was seeing things and thinking more clearly. My husband said it felt like he “had me back.”

Yet, my depression hadn’t gone away, rather its severity and longevity had changed. I still feel down but only for a few days, not weeks. I can better push through my inner turmoil. I can get out of bed and get things done and fully support the people around me. I feel capable and dependable and motivated again.

I honestly thought my best qualities had died because of my illness. I thought my brain was beyond repair. But this treatment worked! TMS gave me back my life! I no longer feel worthless or like a burden. I am truly participating in and contributing to the world again. Time will tell if the treatment lasts but I am optimistic. I feel so blessed and relieved and excited for my future!

I cannot give enough accolades to all the staff of NeuroStim Olympia. They are all genuinely warm, compassionate, and smart individuals. It is imperative that all professionals in the mental health field have a good bed-side-manner and skill, no matter how much or little their work touches patients. People, like me, who are on their last rope, are beyond frustrated, broken, traumatized, barely functioning, and exhausted having to deal with the weight and consequences of our ailments. To say the least, it is more challenging for us to “be” and we need to be treated gentle and with expertise by those we go to for assistance. The staff always made me feel welcome, heard, and valued. I trusted them with my wellbeing completely.

They received feedback well. When I had an issue with a particular area of service, my comments were acknowledged and treated seriously. They were swift to implement improvements, even though it was late in the game for me. It mattered to them because it mattered to me. And I was told I will be completing an evaluation on my last day (next week). During one of my visits, the CEO even had popped in to check on the clinic. NeuroStim clearly strives to be its best and stay in-tune with its workers and the community it serves.

I am a very curious person and had many questions about TMS along the way. The staff always took their time providing answers and ensuring my comprehension. If they did not know something, they were sure to follow-up with me later or direct me to who might be able to help.

The ambiance of this clinic is also noteworthy. The furniture and decorations are modern, yet, not cold. It looks like a celebrity home designer pulled it together but I learned one of the staff did it with a friend. They put a lot of thought into creating such a tranquil space. There are details everywhere designed to calm and encourage visitors, like the flat screen TVs that constantly display beautiful nature scenery and inspirational signs. I am surprised there was not essential oils but am glad not because people can be sensitive to smells. They even provide refreshments, though I never indulged.

Finally, the other thing I really appreciated was how the clinic is family friendly. The competing company downtown explicitly stated in their policies that children could not accompany patients during treatment because they would be distracting to the technicians. Well, I am a stay-at-home mom and cannot always arrange care for my daughter, so I had no choice but to bring her along from time to time. My husband even came with me once and he was embraced as well. Not once did my technician lose focus on her job when they were there.

If you are considering TMS, I encourage you to do research about how it works. The treatment has been around since the 1980s and there are amazing statistics about its success rates. It seems like such a simple idea but it has the possibility of huge lifesaving benefits.

And if you decide to do it and live in the Thurston County area, I recommend the NeuroStim Olympia office. You will receive the highest standard of care by the fine folks there.

I can only hope when I return to work soon, I can do something just as meaningful and impactful as they have done for me. 💜
We showed up to the Bellevue NeuroStim clinic without a clue of how much our life was about to change. We were given a recommndation to try TMS therapy but were sure it would not help our deeply, struggling son very much. We were welcomed in by a warm staff, and the psychiatrist guided us through an assessment and laid out the process for the next 3 weeks. It was a comfortable start to a transformative journey which ends in our teenage son have a renewed life and completely different mental health outlook. It worked so well, it was incredibly comfortable and effective as the stimulation therapies went on. He had severe anxiety and depression the past few years, and pandemic exacerbated it. After the recommended thirty sessions of TMS, he has a whole new lease on life, and his depression. and anxiety have nowhere. near. the grip they had on him. Thank you incredible team. We recommend to ALL.
I have to say...I’m going to miss my daily visits to Neurostim. The Bellevue staff is incredible!!! Every one of the ladies, made me feel so cared for & special when I came in. They’re always so upbeat & helped me think about things in a more positive way. I’ve gone through just about every type of treatment & medications out there. But, in just a couple of weeks, I saw better results from TMS, then I had seen with all the others. They also took care of everything with my insurance, even though my insurance company doesn’t normally cover TMS, they got me approved! If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, I highly recommend you give them a could change your life.
I have been fighting with depression and anxiety for over 30 years. After a big move from AZ to WA in early 2018, the stress took me on a serious downward spiral. Meds, family, friends... nothing was enough. In a desperate search for help I stumbled onto an ad for NeuroStim TMS. Since that day, only 3 months ago, my mental health not only improved, but I dare say, I may be cured. If only temporary, the fact that I can see the world without fear is life altering. The panic attacks have stopped and I can find the silver lining in what was once completely depressing. I can see beauty and hope, even in the world we are currently living in. Even more than the internal changes that I am experiencing, the fact that people all around me can see the difference, especially my family, assures me that TMS is a tangible life-line for those who are at their most desperate.**I was a patient at both the Lynnwood and Bellevue locations. The staff is impeccable at either location.**

NeuroStim TMS Lakewood

9116 Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Suite 102
Lakewood, WA 98499
Phone: (253) 200-5763
Text: (253) 365-1362
Fax: (253) 590-4298


NeuroStim TMS Lakewood

No wonder so many people fall in love with Tacoma, the artsy suburb of Seattle with the gorgeously serene backdrop of Mt. Rainier. A teeming business and retail environment along cultural activities and opportunities for retreats into nature give this city the work-life balance that so many of us are searching for.

Of course, it’s easier than ever in the last few years for us to feel emotionally and psychologically out of balance. Anxiety and depression are extremely common, so if you are suffering from any type of mood disorder, you are far from alone. Why not call our NeuroStim TMS Lakewood facility for more information about how we can help? Our non-invasive, side-effect free treatment has been proven among the most effective in the country, even for longstanding cases of anxiety and depression.

It’s important for all of us to recharge our batteries when the demands of city life become a little overwhelming. With Tacoma’s lively arts scene practically on your doorstep, it’s a good opportunity to check out for a while and lose yourself in the beauty of dance, theatre, or even the local glassblowing scene. Did you know that the Tacoma Glassblowing Studio offers classes where you can make your own holiday ornaments and other glass objects? You don’t need to be Dale Chihuly to do some hands-on glassmaking! And if you just can’t get enough glass, Tacoma’s Museum of Glass is home to one of the world’s largest collections of 20th and 21st century glass art objects. Or if world-famous painters speak to you, head over to the Tacoma Art Museum, where you can take in the Renoir, Pissarro, Degas, and other famous pieces up close and in person. The Broadway Center for the Performing arts in Tacoma is another destination for everything from opera, symphony, dance, and even magic shows. We sometimes forget how spoiled we are in the Tacoma-Lakewood area for opportunities to take in the arts!

If you find that nature is soothing to your soul, Tacoma-Lakewood’s outdoor facilities are just as impressive. It would be impossible to name all of them here, but the Tacoma Nature Center is one of the highlights. There is something so exciting about observing foxes, deer, and even the rabbits in their own habitat. Or why not sit on a bench for a few hours watching the ducks, geese, and turtles while the day away? More ambitious weekend warriors shouldn’t miss Mount Rainier National Park for its hiking trails, skiing and snowboarding, climbing, camping, and snowing depending on the season. At 236,000 acres, you could spend years exploring this Tacoma beauty!

At NeuroStim TMS Lakewood, we want you to live your best life and take in all that your area has to offer. We have successfully treated debilitating conditions such as postpartum depression, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, and more. We are the go-to treatment option when conventional avenues have failed. Get in touch with our NeuroStim TMS Lakewood facility today for more information.

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