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If you made it to this page, the likeliness is that you are VERY frustrated.

For most of you:

➡️ Antidepressants are no longer working…

➡️ You are desperate for relief…

➡️ And you have probably lost hope….

We get what you are feeling. Believe us when we say YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Here at the NeuroStim TMS Centers, we have seen the devastating effects that depression can reap. That’s why we’ve gathered the very best minds to help solve this lesser-talked-about pandemic that is sweeping our nation.

Our Passion, Expertise, and Dedication have led us to become the Leading TMS Provider in the Pacific NorthWest.

Our world-renowned, industry-leading, EMPATHIC TMS specialists are here waiting to help you find the relief you need.

We promise you will not regret the few seconds you spend today!


To Hope, Healing & Health.

NeuroStim TMS Centers

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