Lakewood Depression Cause: Hereditary or Environmental?

hereditary depression, environmental depressionHow much do you know about your Lakewood depression diagnosis? Many people struggle with this potentially dangerous emotional disorder. Few patients, however, have a clear understanding of why they feel the way they do. The underlying cause could be hereditary or environmental. Knowing which affects you can provide valuable insight about how to direct your treatment.

Depression, whether environmental or hereditary, is often treated with antidepressant medications, psychotherapy and/or TMS therapy. Your depression treatment plan will be determined by a professional who is familiar with your unique symptoms and needs. It will be heavily based on the type of depression you have and whether it stems from hereditary or environmental causes.

Hereditary Depression

Hereditary Lakewood depression is when symptoms can be linked to genetics. Individuals with family members who have struggled with depression are more likely to be diagnosed with hereditary depression. Some scientists believe a genetic serotonin imbalance is to blame. It’s also worth noting that women seem to experience hereditary depression more often than men.

Environmental Depression

Environmental depression is thought to be caused by external influences, such as anxiety, stress and other depression symptoms. Common contributing factors include:

  • Additives and preservatives in food
  • Drugs
  • Hormone changes
  • Genetically modified food
  • Noise pollution
  • Natural disasters

Patients diagnosed with environmental depression may be able to control symptoms by eating a healthier diet and changing certain behaviors.

Need to Speak with a Professional about Your Depression in Lakewood?

Do you need to speak with a professional about your depression diagnosis? Now that you know the difference between hereditary and environmental depression, it’s time to seek the help you need. Contact NeuroStim in Bellevue today to schedule a risk-free free consultation. We’ve been providing care to depression patients in and around Lakewood for years. Our highly trained and experienced clinical staff can discuss your specific condition and answer any questions you may have. We always provide expert advice and quality care.

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