5 Aspects of Your Life Affected by Untreated Depression

1. Social Life and Relationships

Your condition may interfere with interpersonal communication. It can also make you feel less involved, and cause you to pay less attention to others.

2. Work and School

You may have increased absences or frequently come in late and leave early. You can struggle to focus or remember new information. Depression can impact your interest in the tasks that you used to find fulfilling or exciting.

3. Self Medication

Alcohol and drug use are common if you have untreated depression. Short-term, it helps you ignore the symptoms, but it can result in substance use disorder.

4. Other Mental Health Problems

In addition to substance use disorder, you can link untreated depression to other mental health disorders such as social phobia, panic disorder, and especially anxiety disorders.

5. Physical Well-Being

You are more likely to engage in risky behavior with alcohol, drugs, or sexual encounters that can lead to infections and diseases. You may use eating as a coping mechanism or become more physically stagnant.

Get Help with Depression Treatments

While some find success with talk therapy or medication alone, most people will need both in conjunction. Alternative depression treatment in Lakewood, like transcranial magnetic stimulation, are newer and less invasive options that can treat both depression and anxiety simultaneously.

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