5 Steps to Prepare for Accelerated TMS

1. Review TMS Contraindications

If you have been battling depression for a long time, you might be getting excited after hearing about a newly approved treatment. Unfortunately, it’s possible you may not qualify for treatment.

2. Speak to TMS Providers Before Treatment

Before undergoing an accelerated TMS treatment, it’s essential to know if it’s the best option for you. TMS specialists can evaluate your case and provide a recommendation.

3. Schedule Your Treatment and Take Time Off Work

While you can squeeze standard TMS treatment into your work days, accelerated TMS is condensed and will not work with office hours.

4. Have Supplies and Support With You

Each session takes an hour: less than 10 minutes of actual treatment and 50 minutes of recovery. You will want to dress comfortably and have something to keep you entertained during rest periods.

5. Relax and Trust the Process

It’s an entirely safe treatment that will provide a faster recovery. Relax and enjoy the best me time you can give yourself.

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