Who Should Consider TMS Therapy for Depression in Bellevue?

Are you fighting depression in Bellevue, Washington? It might be time to contemplate TMS therapy. This is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment option approved by the FDA. As with any depression treatment, this option isn’t for everyone. You need to talk to a healthcare practitioner about your specific situation before a doctor can make a recommendation. You can decide whether you might be a good candidate for TMS therapy by asking yourself the following questions.

Are You Taking More Than One Anti-depressant Medication?

With TMS therapy, you may be able to forgo anti-depressant medications completely. A healthcare professional, though, needs to make this determination.

Is Your Medication Failing to Provide Satisfactory Relief?

If you’re still undergoing depression symptoms in spite of current treatment, TMS therapy just might be a feasible pathway.

Do the Side Effects from Your Medication Outweigh the Benefits?

Many depression medications cause patients to experience lingering and ongoing side effects. TMS therapy can eliminate the symptoms altogether.

Has Depression Increased Your Doctor Visits for Other Conditions?

Depression can lead to other issues or exacerbate existing health conditions. TMS therapy may help you avoid doctor visits for medical issues induced by depression and chronic anxiety.

Is Depression Affecting Your Ability to Make a Living?

If depression and/or the side effects from the medications are adversely affecting your ability to work, it’s important to speak to a doctor about alternatives like TMS therapy.

Interested in Depression Therapy Treatment in Bellevue?

Do you want to learn more about TMS therapy in Bellevue? If you answered yes to two or more of the aforementioned questions, this treatment may be a viable pathway for you. To find out more, talk to a professional at NeuroStim today. For your convenience, our clinics provide first-time patients with a free consultation, during which we’ll be happy to talk to you about your ongoing condition and possible remedies.

Depression Therapy Treatment in Bellevue

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